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Benjamin D. O’Dell: “The Captain is Bunk”

My final project has led me to follow in the footsteps of the Stanford Literary Lab’s first pamphlet and explore what use, if any, digital tools hold for the project of genre classification. To be specific, my objective is to … Continue reading

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Benjamin D. O’Dell: Thoughts on Frederick Gibbs and Daniel Cohen’s “A Conversation with Data,” Victorian Studies (Autumn 2011)

Literary scholars and historians have generally been reluctant to accept the value of text-mining as a tool of analysis.  Given that a word’s meaning is context dependent and often ambiguous, they argue that text-mining deprives historical documents of their context … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on algorithmic criticism

Over the past couple of weeks, one of the central arguments we have encountered in class is the notion that, despite the buzz surrounding its potential, the core issues of the digital humanities are not radically different from those of … Continue reading

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