Reading Recommendation: The Elyse Edition

Hello all.

I was interested in the extent to which the rise of digital humanities might have a transformative power on the way everyone “does” humanities. I decided to go with this entry from a blog on The Chronicle of Higher Education website. The usual author is apparently an anonymous figure named Prof. Hacker, but this particular entry is by a woman named Adeline Koh. Koh attempts to outline the ways in which a DH scholar might approach current academic conventions surrounding tenure and promotion, that may also be useful for grad students.

Among these items is the statement: “blind peer review is dead,” and it offers an alternative in “post-publication” peer review. While it makes me feel a bit stodgy, I must admit I’m with the bald heads and white beards on this one, in that I find this concept horrifying. However, I plan to read the article more closely, and may be won over by our class meeting.

Here’s that link again:


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